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The owner of Main Street Dream Makers LLC has a few CD's that we have for sale here.  
Kansas Emissions - Something Big
This is the first CD produced by Kansas Emissions. They are a new band, loosely formed out of eastern Kansas. But they are more of a virtual band with players from around the USA. You can be the first on your block with a Kansas Emissions CD. The CD is classic rock in genre and traces several themes faced by Americans in the mid-year stage of their working life. It is right on given today's economic climate. Songs: Out On The Road Sometimes Things Just Go Wrong Driving All Night Sit Down And Cry Carwash Angel The American Way No More Hiding Behind A Masquerade Patiently Waiting At The Horizon Back To You Pastel Colors Of Youth Something Big Is About To Happen The band is comprised of: Gord Wolfgang Mike Sadowski Jerry Boynton Rich Sanchez Mike Gemborys Bob Flanigan Bryce Boynton
Price: $5.00
JudgementDay - the right sea test far
This is JudgementDays last CD. It is a compilation of sorts. It has several songs off their other CD's that have been reworked for a new band configuration. There are also six all new songs. This production is by far their best work. And is available for you here $6.99. Songs: Clearly See Our Wedding Night and Day Stand As One That Little Smile Back On Track Beginning One Rose Le Petit Mort South Seas Sunset Girl A New Life In My Heart 16B Mary's Smile The One I Work For
Price: $5.00
ofb42 - ...the search goes on
ofb42 was a band from Colorado. The band no longer performs together. This is their one and only professionally produced CD. The band had an edgy classic rock sound and these songs are a study in looking for the meaning of life. Available at $5.99. Songs: Don't Always Do What I Say Into the Breach Unfullfilled Dreams Teddy Missed the Bridge Sunset Girl Hope Memories So Sweet Reduce the Pain With Me Two Lives I'm Done September Morning The One I Work For Homeless
Price: $9.99
JudgementDay - Thanks Mary
This is JudgementDays second CD. It fits well into the classic rock genre as well. Its theme is a study of the emotions of loosing a very close loved one to cancer. All proceeds from this CD are donated to Breast Cancer. You can help with the cause for just $5.99. Songs: Grace Mary's Smile Toasted Chees Sandwiches The Feelings Just Ten Minutes Stop Crying Alone 8 East Three Stars In My Sky Love Song Earthly Saint Broken Hearts Sunset Girl 16 B Cheers Life Has Just Begun My Guiding Light My First Kiss Mist On The Creek
Price: $5.00
JudgementDay - Our Wedding
JudgementDay is also a band that was based in Colorado. The band also does not perform together under this name. This is one of three CD's professionally produced by JudgementDay and we have all three of them for you. The band has a straight up classic rock type feel. This CD traces the journey of a couple through dating to their wedding. This CD can be yours for $5.99. Songs: The Plan The Next Chapter Arms Length Judgement Day Did I Scare You Away Back On Track Our Wedding Susan, I Love You Glory Le Petit Mort
Price: $5.00
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